Tales of Verimitha

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...Previously on Tales of Verimitha...

Our intrepid adventurers have been asked by their associate Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagon of supplies to Phandalin. Gundren, excited to get to Phandalin, left ahead of the adventurers with his associate Sildar Hallwinter, a member of The Order of the Lord’s Alliance who has been sent to investigate the disappearance of Iarno Albreck in Phandalin.

The party came to two horses, who they identified as belonging to Sildar and Gundren. They were discussing what to do next when they were ambushed by goblins hiding along the road. The fight was short, but brutal. The party determined where the goblins had come from, and followed their trail into the woods.

After dodging a few traps, the party came to Cragmaw Hideout, where they believed Sildar and Gundren have been taken. Several battles (and making some wolf friends along the way) the party found Sildar, though he’d been beaten pretty badly.

Eventually coming to an agreement with Yeemik, the goblin second-in-command, they headed off to kill Klarg, the goblin in charge.

With the help of their wolf friends and Sildar, they defeated the bugbear Klarg and found his stash, as well as supplies meant for the Lionshield Coster in Phandalin. Though they did not find Gundren they did find out that he was taken to Cragmaw Castle, though they were unable to find its location.

The party then packed up the spoils of victory as well as Klarg’s head to present to Yeemik, but when they exited the cave Yeemik was no where to be found, upsetting several members of the party. They then headed to Phandalin to deliver their supplies.


The party returned the stolen supplies to Linene at the Lionshield Coster, who was very grateful. It’s here that they first learned of the Redbrand ruffians who have been terrorizing the town. During the course of the night, they heard the same thing from several shopkeeps, though all with their own views on the matter.

After resting at the inn and learning several rumors over shared ale, the party headed to the Miner’s Exchange, where they met Halia Thornton, who had more knowledge and was willing to talk much more openly about the redbrand threat than anyone else the party had met at this point.

It is here that they learned that the leader of the redbrands is named Glasstaff and that Halia would like it very much if the party would fetch some letters he possessed. In exchange, she would give them information about the redband’s hideout.

When leaving the Miner’s Exchange the party was jumped by a group of redbrands who called out their rogue as having been told to never come back, which surprised and upset the rest of the group that he had been hiding that from them. After a tense fight, the redbrands lay dead and the party looted them of their stuff.

…To Be Continued…


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