Tales of Verimitha


After the adventurers made it out of the ruins of transcendar Manor and escorting Fell’s remaining family home, they returned to the inn for a good night’s rest.

In the morning they returned Iarno’s correspondence to Halia at the miner’s exchange. She was dissatisfied that the adventurers failed to kill “Glasstaff” but agreed to pay half the reward for the letters, and will pay the rest when Glasstaff is dead.

The group then went to the town hall to fill Sildar in on what they had learned thus far. He also was dissatisfied, and wanted either Iarno brought to him alive “FOR JUSTICE!” or proof of his treachery and death.

The adventurers returned to the ruins of transcendar Manor, and despite some foul weather, Xyromyra was able to pick up a trail leading north from the ruins.

After nearly a full day of travel, the group saw the remnants of a campground ahead. Osborn decided to use his skills at sneaking to go investigate the camp while the rest of the gang took cover.

After investigating the campground and finding nothing suspicious, he sat to rest. Soon he heard a voice from the tree line, demanding that he and his party turn back, or face great peril. He saw no one but recognized the voice as that of Glasstaff. He then heard the shuffling of someone fleeing.

By this time the rest of the group became suspicious, but they arrived at the campsite after Glasstaff fled. Undeterred, they decided to make camp there for the night and continue their pursuit in the morning.

Osborn took the first watch, and not long after everyone dozed off, Osborn heard the voice of Glasstaff telling him, “I warned you to turn back! Now face your doom!” Osborn jumped back in shock just as two hands appeared beside him, attempting to shock him but missing. As Glasstaff materialized beside Osborn, the rest of the group was startled awake and jumped up, prepared for battle. Glasstaff quickly found himself overwhelmed by Theren’s magic fireballs and was cooked from the inside out.

After a quick and decisive battle, the group loaded up Glasstaff’s body and returned to town. First they informed Halia, who paid what she promised but asked to speak with Osborn and Asheron privately. While they talked, the rest of the party took Glasstaff’s body to Sildar, who confirmed his identity as Iarno. Sildar then asked to speak to Loktra privately.

Soon the group gathered at the inn for some dinner and rest before setting out for more adventures!

To be continued…


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