Tales of Verimitha

Cragmaw Castle

After clearing Thundertree of undead and a dragon, the druid gave the adventurers directions to Cragmaw Castle. They set out at once, in hopes of finding Gundren Rockseeker and the map to wave echo cavern.

The group arrived at Cragmaw Castle and began scout the perimeter, where Asheron, Loktra, and Osborn quickly found themselves in hot water.

After a devastating battle against a score of goblins and hobgoblins, Theron located the desecrated shrine that he was tasked with cleansing, and after performing his ritual, the gang continued their search for Gundren.

The gang cleared all but two rooms – one of which contained an owlbear. In an effort to surprise the foes within the final room, the gang split up so they could enter through two doors simultaneously. Their plan backfired though, as a night elf was waiting just within one of the doors and immediately knocked Osborn and Theron unconscious before fleeing.

Xyromyra, Loktra, and Asheron battled the remaining bugbear and wolf while attempting to revive Osborn and Theron. In the midst of the exchange, two more hobgoblins attacked from behind Loktra, and the night elf returned to release the owlbear.

The adventurers barely survived the exchange but emerged victorious, only to find Gundren dead with his throat slit.

Loktra, determined to find a way to save Gundren, insisted that they take his corpse back to Phandelin, in hopes that Sildar would know a way to revive him.

Along the way back to Phandelin, the adventurers encountered a group of hobgoblins en route to Cragmaw Castle. Two of the hobgoblins ran away, but the remaining were quickly slain. As the group recovered they heard some commotion in the distance. Asheron, Theron, and Osborn snuck out to the woods to investigate and were shocked to see Sildar in the woods, standing over the corpses of the two hobgoblins who ran away.

Loktra and Xyromyra heard Sildar’s voice and immediately headed over. They explained to Sildar the condition of Gundren, and Sildar said he would return with gundren’s corpse to neverwinter to try and find a way to revive him.

Weary from battle and travel, the group decided to return to Phandelin for a hot meal and rest before setting out to cave echo cavern. While in town they sought out the town master, who Sildar said would have the reward for finding Gundren. When they arrived at the town master’s hall, much to their shock, they were greeted by Sildar himself!

The gang quickly realized that they had been duped by a doppleganger. Furthermore, Sildar informed them that he believes that Glasstaff had been cloned!

Disturbed by these revelations, the gang decided to return to Cragmaw Castle to try and track down the doppelganger, but they were unsuccessful, so they decided to set their sights on Wave Echo Cavern.


Thanks John and Crystal for doing the recap of our adventures. I’ve enjoyed reading them, good job!

Cragmaw Castle
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