Verimithian Calendar

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The Verimithian calendar was first organized by a high elf scholar named Shyilia Araceran sometime between 6000 and 6002 AS, sometime after The Cataclysm. It is based on the cycle of Verimitha’s three moons, Torment, Calamity, and Brightson. According to records, Torment and Calamity did not exist before The Cataclysm so a different calendar was used based on the lunar cycle of that time.


The calendar is divided into 12 months of 30 days each. Each month has three, ten day weeks. The days of the week are not names, simply called the first day, second day, and so one. Many people when referring to a week call it a tenday. Each year begins when all three moons are full, which occurs every 360 days. This also marks the official beginning of spring and many cultures of Verimitha have holidays celebrating the end of winter or the beginning of the growing season.

The months of the Verimithian calendar are:

  • Rejuve
  • Dhokkear
  • Xothlus
  • Dayskarr
  • Brightember
  • Davkur
  • Knun
  • Vhitredia
  • Faire
  • Wintress
  • Alturiak
  • Nightgal


Brightson is the closest moon, and also the brightest, and has a 30 day cycle.

Torment is a larger moon, but is further away so appears smaller. It gets it’s name from it’s blood red color, which is usually drowned out by the brightness of Brightson. During times when Torment outshines Brightsone the night takes on a reddish tint and many people believe the nights become more dangerous. It has a 90 day lunar cycle.

Calamity is the third and dimmest moon and has a cycle of 120 days. Calamity has little effect on the day to day lives of the peoples of Verimitha, but on the occasion it eclipses the sun and plunges the land into darkness for about three days, an event with most consider a dire omen.

Because the moons follow such a regular cycle, the phases of the moon do not change from year to year. Many people keep calendars from year to year even to the point of passing down older calendars as heirlooms from generation to generation. Also because of how neat and orderly the settings of the moons appear, some believe the moons were set up for some specific purpose by the gods, though for good or ill would depend on who you ask.

Verimithian Calendar

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