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In general, the world of Verimitha is a combination of high fantasy with some steampunk elements, and a bit of grimdark thrown in for the hell of it. The technology level is similar to the likes of World of Warcraft, with a bit less high fantasy. Magic exists, and it’s not hidden, to be sure, but it was lost for a very long time, and only in the last thousand years or so has it come back. This is where the grimdark comes in, as this world used to have access to great magic and later great technology, but it’s all been lost. Some may still be found, but only if you’re willing to gamble your life.

Technologically the world is about the same. Though there were once much more advanced technologies, much was lost due to past disasters. Flintlock type guns are available, but quite rare. Machines powered by steam are used to mine the rock for resources, and a combination of magic and mundane technologies allow a few airships to be built.

Much of the world is now wild and unexplored by most modern mortals. Though some basic knowledge still exists of the lands outside of the cities and kingdoms of today, much of that is woefully inaccurate. For those who dare to brave the wilder places of this world, much is left to be discovered. Magical artifacts that had not worked for thousands of years were left abandoned but whose power has now returned, waiting someone to once again utilize it.

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