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Myrthana – The continent our game is currently taking place on. Myrthana stretches nearly the length of Verimitha, though a vast desert divides it nearly in half keeping most of the population in the northern hemisphere.

The Northern Alliance – The territory on the northwestern coast formed by an alliance between the city states of Neverwinter, Sternberg, and Highwater. It stretches along the western coast from the frozen north down to Highwater and then west along the shores of The Elenian Sea to Sternberg.

Neverwinter – A port city in The Northern Alliance, Neverwinter is a hub of trade and culture.

Highwater – The military and political capital of The Northern Alliance.

Sternberg – Home of the wealthiest citizens of the Northern Alliance.

Phandalin – A small village a few days travel south of Neverwinter.


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