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  • » War of Dawn▾
    The Gods of Verimitha, for reasons unknown, war among each other, plunging the realm of Verimitha into chaos.
  • » Colonization ▾
    In an effort to save the mortal races from the destruction the war of the Gods was bringing to the land, Helm, God of protection, helps many groups establish colonies on the continent of Myrthana and protects the land from the chaos of the War of Dawn.
  • » Gods’ Fall▾
    Seeing the destruction the War of Dawn was causing in the mortal realm, the overdiety Ao forced the gods to walk among their followers on the earth.
  • » The Dark Times
    Though the Gods were now mortal, they still possessed vast power compared to other mortals and they had not forgotten their enemies. The powerful beings would cause tremendous havoc when they fought, and it was all the mortal races could do but hope to stay out of their affairs.
  • » The Sundering▾
    A conclave of mages performs a ritual meant to strip the gods of their power completely, making them no more powerful than a normal mortal. Instead, the spell severed all connection Verimitha had to the other planes, making access to magic of any kind impossible.
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  • » Gnomish Innovation ▾
    Without access to magic, gnomish inventors enter an age of enlightenment, discovering a wealth of inventions to ease the lives of people who no longer have magic.
  • »The Underkingdom▾
    A partnership with the gnomes allows the dwarves to connect their strongholds across vast distances underground using advanced railway technology.
  • » Civilization Returns ▾
    The forging of cities and trade routes helps people start leading lives of normalcy again.
  • » Trade Suffers▾
    The Dwarven Underkingdom, whose wealth came from trading minerals from it’s deep mines, suffers as the iron exported from their lands becomes brittle and unusable, souring relations with the rest of the realm.
  • » The Underkingdom Collapses▾
    With the loss of outside support, The Dwarven Underkingdom fractures into smaller city-states as their underground transportation network is overrun by the more monstrous denizens of the deep dark.
  • » Industrial Espionage▾
    The gnomish city-state of Pentalix begins exploring the tunnels recently left behind by the fallen dwarven kingdom, stealing many dwarven forge techniques.
  • » Cataclysm▾
    Sargonnas, god of vengeance and fire, finds a way to undo the Sundering; granting the banished gods access to their old power. In so doing, he also causes the realm of Verimitha to violently reconnect with the other planes of existence plunging the land into chaos as powerful energy tears its way back into the realm.
  • 6000-7100

  • » Northern Alliance▾
    Feldin Grimmspar unites the city-states of the northwestern coast. Not wanting to take the mantle of king, he instead forms The Lord’s Alliance who swear an oath to protect the north whatever the cost.
  • » Forest of Screams▾
    A powerful lich rises in the east, turning a whole swath of forest into an undead wasteland. The area was home to a great many forest gnomes, and the race has yet to recover from the deaths.
  • » Guns!▾
    Both dwarven and gnomish inventors design weapons using gunpowder that are small enough to be wielded by a single person.
  • » Grimmspar Dies▾
    Feldin Grimmspar dies in battle against an orc mob.
  • » Airships!▾
    A collaboration between The Draconian Empire, Celtland dwarves and Pentalix gnomes build the first airship using a combination of elemental magic and technology. The requirements to build each ship are prohibitively costly and so they remain quite rare.
  • » Mithril Vein▾
    A rich mithril vein is discovered in the mountains between The Northern Alliance and The Draconian Empire. Skirmishes between The Northern Alliance and the Draconian Empire begin as each claim mining rights.
  • » The Mithril War▾
    After years of skirmishes, diplomacy fails and full blown war breaks out between the Northern Alliance and The Draconian Empire over access to the mithril vein.
  • 7100-Present Day

  • » Mithril War Ends▾
    Though relations remain bitter cold, The Mithril War ends as it is discovered the mine has been taken over by monsters. Neither side has the man-power to push into the mine and clear out the inhabitants after such a long and bloody war.
  • » Revolution!▾
    After so many resources were spent on the war and with nothing to show for it, The Draconian Empire’s lower caste dragonborn seize the opportunity and begin a revolt in an effort to make The Empire a more egalitarian society.
  • » The Dragonborn Comes▾
    Dragonborn spread throughout the land, some are rebels seeking support, but many are refugees, fleeing the fighting taking place in The Empire.
  • » Scandal!▾
    Evidence surfaces that some noble leaders of Sternburg have been supporting the governing caste of The Draconian Empire against the rebellion, in spite of The Northern Alliance currently remaining neutral.
  • » Famine in The North▾
    Blight devastates the crops of the Northern Alliance.
  • » Banditry Epidemic▾
    Still weakened from The Mithril War and with food becoming scarce, The Northern Alliance lacks the man-power to stop increasingly emboldened bandits in their lands.
  • » The Dead Rise▾
    Between the banditry and the food shortage, the number of corpses in the north rises, attracting undead and other monsters. Travel becomes even more treacherous.

History of Verimitha

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