The Prime Trinity

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The Prime Trinity

The Prime Trinity is the alliance of three Gods – Lathander, Raxxian, and Grumbar. The three allied together to try and maintain balance in the world and among the gods after the destruction wrought during the War of Dawn. Many other gods agreed and bestowed a portion of their power to The Trinity. With the power granted by this, even the gods that did not wish to bow to their will were left with little choice. Though each member of The Trinity has their own worshipers, many who seek balance pray to The Trinity as a whole.

image01.jpg Lathander – Godess of Light and Love

The Goddess of Light and Life is the personification of light, and she can create life with a single touch. The Goddess shows herself frequently, but few realize that they have seen her. When she appears in a humanoid form, she is often dismissed as a dream or hallucination. More often she manifests as an animal or plant, or even just as a shimmering light. Having the gift of prophetic insight, she uses her powers to guide those she deems worthy.

image02.png Raxxian – God of Death and Darkness

The God of Death and Darkness is evil, although in fact his motives are often benficial. While rarely taking direct part in the affairs of the living, this God will use his power to punish those who are truly evil, taking their souls to his domain. He is able to conjure death by any means, be it disease or disaster, but when a more precise means is needed he will select a champion of sorts to do his smiting for him.

image03.jpg Grumbar – God of Earth and Elements

The God of Earth and Elements is the least involved in the affairs of the living. He takes great pride in sculpting the Earth, often spending centuries on one forest, mountain, or sea bed. Very little will drive Him to interfere with the activities of mankind, and when He is outraged enough to get involved, even then He will enlist one of the other Gods to choose a champion on his behalf.

The Prime Trinity

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