Tales of Verimitha


The adventurers set out from Phandelin to Thundertree. They arrived after a few days’ travel, and among the ruined buildings they noticed a relatively intact home with shuttered windows. They discovered that the home was occupied by an old druid who filled the adventurers in on the goings on about town – including ash zombies, living foliage, and a dragon. With Xyromyraanxious to slay some undead, the group set out to clean up the town.

After clearing several ruined buildings the group came upon another intact home, where they found a small coven of dragon worshippers. The adventurers persuaded them to take them along to meet the dragon.

Upon arriving at the dragon’s den, the dragon worshippers quickly turned on the adventurers, offering them as a sacrifice to the dragon. Having no interest in being dragon food, the adventurers fought back and defeated the dragon worshippers, leaving them face to face with a dragon. They tried to persuade the dragon to let them leave in peace, but the dragon preferred to try and eat the group. After a devastating battle, the dragon found himself so angered and confused that he saw no choice but to flee.

Weary from battle, the group returned to the druid’s home to rest and recover before setting out for cragmaw castle.


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