Tales of Verimitha

Arrival in Phandalin

...Previously on Tales of Verimitha...


The party returned the stolen supplies to Linene at the Lionshield Coster, who was very grateful. It’s here that they first learned of the Redbrand ruffians who have been terrorizing the town. During the course of the night, they heard the same thing from several shopkeeps, though all with their own views on the matter.

After resting at the inn and learning several rumors over shared ale, the party headed to the Miner’s Exchange, where they met Halia Thornton, who had more knowledge and was willing to talk much more openly about the redbrand threat than anyone else the party had met at this point.

It is here that they learned that the leader of the redbrands is named Glasstaff and that Halia would like it very much if the party would fetch some letters he possessed. In exchange, she would give them information about the redband’s hideout.

When leaving the Miner’s Exchange the party was jumped by a group of redbrands who called out their rogue as having been told to never come back, which surprised and upset the rest of the group that he had been hiding that from them. After a tense fight, the redbrands lay dead and the party looted them of their stuff.

After recovering from the encounter with the red brands, the adventurers proceeded to the town hall where, after learning of an orc menace near Wyvern Tor and speaking briefly with the townmaster, the adventurers finally reunited with Sildar Hallwinter. Sildar still had not been able to locate Iarno and asked the adventurers for their continued assistance.

After leaving the town hall, Osborn Tealeaf lamented that the description of Iarno is remarkably similar to Glasstaff. Baring this in mind the adventurers decided to follow up on a lead about a mine or tunnel that a local by the name of Carp had recently discovered in the woods.

After speaking with Carp, the adventurers found the hidden tunnel and proceeded in to what they soon discovered to be the ruins of Tresendar Manor.

Upon entering the ruins, Loktra was immediately stricken by unpleasant thoughts flooding her mind. Not finding anything suspicious, the adventurers began exploring and quickly stumbled upon a room with three bugbears and a goblin.

After defeating the bugbears, as well as a few red brands who were aroused by the ruckus, the group questioned the goblin who quickly pledged his loyalty to the adventurers.

Soon the group discovered a laboratory containing several magical materials and some correspondence to Iarno. After reading the letters it became apparent that Iarno and Glasstaff are in fact the same person. The letters were signed with a black spider.

While investigating the laboratory, Asheron discovered a secret door which opened into a hallway. The group decided to split up, but no sooner had they done so, Loktra was pounced upon by a nasty psychic eyeball creature.

After a brutal battle, the group decided to stick together and investigate the secret passage. The group discovered an armory where they donned some red brand cloaks, then found a crypt where three skeletons stood against three sarcophagi. The goblin implored the group not to enter, and they agreed to head back to the main hallway. However, Xyromyra was so enthralled by the thought of killing some undead that she proceeded into the crypt anyway.

While Thereon and Loktra continued down the main corridor, Xyromyra, Osborn, and Asheron battled the three skeletons.

Realizing that they were separated from the rest of the party, Loktra and Thereon decided to continue down the main corridor, but it quickly came to a dead end. Thereon decided to investigate the dead end while Loktra returned to the crypt.

Loktra arrived at the crypt just as the battle ended, and after exchanging details of what had happened, Xyromyra, Asheron, and Osborn began raiding the sarcophagi, to the outrage of Loktra. She immediately left the crypt to rejoin Thereon.

Xyromyra, Osborn , and Asheron finished looting and then entered a door within the crypt. There they encountered more red brands, but within the room they could see two prison cells with a woman and teen girl in one and a young boy in the other. The group was worn down by now, but they emerged victorious from their battle with the red brands and rescued the prisoners, who they learned were the wife and children of Fell Goodfellow, who had been murdered by the red brands.

Meanwhile, Thereon had discovered a secret passage, and he and Loktra continued in. There they met two red brands, but due to the red brand gear they were wearing, Loktra and Thereon were accepted as one of them. After learning that Glasstaff had fled the compound, Loktra attempted to dispatch the red brand enemies. Being more battle wary than they realized, Loktra and Thereon were being thoroughly beaten, but their goblin companion, who up to this point has run and hid at every encounter, threw himself upon the last red brand standing. He was no match for the red brand and swiftly met his end, but it bought enough time for Loktra to deliver a finishing blow to the red brand.

As Asheron, Osborn , and Xyromyra led the newly freed Fell’s family to safety, the young lady was so overcome with desire for safety that she ran ahead of the group where she fell into a trap and died. The wails of her mother alerted Thereon and Loktra that someone was nearby, and quickly found themselves reunited with the rest of the party.

…to be continued…


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